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Language is one of the best tools to focus our thoughts. Whether spoken or written, creative or technical, language needs to be appropriate for its intended audience.

With over 10 years of teaching, editing, writing, coaching, and translating, we can answer your English-language needs.

Personal Communication Classes

We offer classes in personal communication to improve your spoken and written communication. For this, we need to practice expressing ourselves to develop greater ease and proficiency. These classes are tailored to your needs and include targeted grammar as well as some reading and listening comprehension.

Academic Writing

Whether helping you write an original text in English or translating an existing text, we can help your academic writing have greater clarity, precision, and organization.

Creative Writing

We can help develop emotional power, word play, flow, and beauty in your creative writing projects. In your original English texts, we can edit your text and help you develop a better text by giving you reader-centred feedback. In translations of creative projects, we help adapt the text to a North American context, not just translating the language but also the cultural aspects of a work.

Commercial Writing

In order to engage the public so that people remember your message, we can write or translate a text in a style and level of language that will help your clients comfortable and more likely to engage with your product.


We are based in Montreal and we work with clients all around the world.

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