Shut-up & Write Montreal

Joining the group...

To sign up for regular meetings with Shut-up and Write Montreal, please join the group. There you will find information regarding meeting times and location.

Anyone is welcome to join. You do not need to have experience writing or have published anything. The focus is on getting some writing done and socializing with fellow writers. 

We do not usually share writing at the writing meetings and you will never be required to share writing if you do not want to. If you do want to share writing, see our sister group: When Prose Meets Poetry — le salon littéraire de Montréal.

The objective is to create community and motivate each other by taking time to write together. All languages and genres of writing are welcome, including but not limited to fiction, screenwriting, poetry, songwriting, and academic writing.

Members write with the tools that best serve them, pen and paper, laptop or tablet. 

To discuss things that are of interest to a larger group, please join the Facebook group.

Anybody who is interested in joining and respecting the above is more than welcome. Please spread the word!

Format for the meetings...

At our writing meetings, we start by introducing ourselves, saying a few words about what we are working on or are hoping to work on that day. 

Then we get to the writing.

Our regular writing meeting use a modified Pomodoro method, which is a fancy way of saying that we set a 31-minute timer and have a short (5- to 10-minute) break between sets. Which is to say, we write in silence for 31 minutes, break for about 5 to 10 minutes, write again for 31 minutes, break, write.

The breaks are for open conversation with your fellow writers. Feel free to ask the group questions you have on your mind, about writing or the world of writing. People are often very interested in hearing about other people's projects--or even good books they might be reading. 

I do not provide writing prompts at our regular meetings but I am happy to discuss writing habits or resources. We do have occasional writing workshops and retreats. If these interest you, please let me know. 

If someone is late...

If the host is late, hold tight. Meetings are NEVER cancelled without very clear indications on the Meetup page and at least an hour or two ahead of time. Which is to say, if there is any question of cancelling a meeting, it will usually be done the night before but will be addressed on that day’s event page on the Meetup website.

If you are late, please join us. Just find a spot without disturbing your neighbours while they’re writing. The best is to join during the conversation breaks.