I offer creative writing support in terms of proofreading, editing, individual coaching, and through the weekly writing groups I run.

I am available for editing and proofreading of creative texts, including poetry, scripts, and prose fiction and nonfiction. Please see the FAQ for details. 
If you're interested in joining our writing sessions, you can find more information on the Shut-up and Write Montreal on the Meetup.com site here. The group meets several times per week at different locations in the centre of the city. The objective is to create community and motivate each other by taking time to write together. All languages and genres of writing are welcome. You are welcome to come regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you are. Members write with the tools that best serve them, pen and paper, laptop or tablet. 

I do not provide writing prompts at our regular meetings but I am happy to discuss writing habits or resources. We do have occasional writing workshops and retreats. If these interest you, please let me know. 

You can also add your voice to the group online, on our Facebook group.